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Injury Settlement for Accidents in Newmarket

If you have been injured in an accident through the negligence of another party, it is best that you speak with one of our Newmarket personal injury lawyers about your rights. Statutes of limitations govern the period during which you must file a personal injury lawsuit and the personal injury settlement amounts. This means that you must file your claim for compensation within specific time limits. Otherwise, you will no longer have a case. The length of time it will take to settle your claim depends on a number of factors, such as the nature and complexity of your case. Let your lawyer review the facts of your case. After he has all the particulars from you, he will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take to resolve your case. Your case can be settled at any time, however. It can happen before your suit is filed, after it is filed, and before the trial of your case starts. It can also be settled during or after the case trial. It may interest you to know that based on statistics most cases settle before the trial, and few ever go to trial. Getting the right amount of the accident settlement is something that we can help.


Mediation is a meeting, where all parties and their lawyers meet for the purpose of attempting to negotiate a settlement. For example, these can happen to discuss a car accident injury settlement. In the meeting, you will be represented by your lawyer, who will give a brief presentation of your case to the mediator and with the lawyer for the other side and his or her representative. The lawyer for the other side will then also make a brief presentation about the other side of the case. During this meeting, you are required to attend, but you are not obliged to make any testimony or to settle. The mediator appointed to your case is usually a retired lawyer or judge. Through mediation and settlement conferences, settlements are often achieved. About 90% to 95% of cases are known to settle out of court. Thus, it is most likely that you will not ever be required to attend a trial to win your case. This is one of the major benefits of hiring an experienced lawyer to handle your case. The other significant benefit to you is that with an experienced lawyer working for you in your case, you will recover more compensation and damages than if you do the work on your own. This is probably apparent to you knowing that your lawyer is more knowledgeable about your legal rights than you.

There are many types of settlements. These include auto accident settlements, personal injury claim settlement, slip and fall settlements and car accident settlement. With the advice of our personal injury lawsuit settlement experts, we can help.

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Call us or send us an email. All information that you provide to us is confidential and is protected by the lawyer-client privilege. So, you can discuss your case with us freely. Afterward, if you decide not to hire us, we will not charge you any fee. During your initial consultations with us, we shall ask you for the details of your case, thereby enabling us to evaluate the amount of your personal injury claim.